The Medical Center of Peach County


The principals of HMKA have over 80 years combined experience in commercial design, with a primary focus on healthcare facilities. HMKA is licensed in 31 states, and our projects range from small tenant improvements to new replacement hospitals, including additions and, multi-phased renovations. This background helps us make informed, decisions to help keep projects on schedule and on budget.

St. Paul Christian Academy


One of the three principals of HMKA will be involved in each project from start to finish. This ensures a continuity of information and communication that continues throughout the project. Principal Involvement in every engagement is our signature commitment to our clients and is an integral part of our quality assurance for each project.

Texas Neurorehab Center


The key to any successful project is clear communication. HMKA facilitates communication between all project team members throughout the project. This attention to detail keeps the entire team focused and moving forward as the work progresses, while helping to minimize potential disruptions to the design and construction process.



We prefer to work as a member of your strategic team, so that we can be involved in early project decisions and provide more complete service. Our goal is to keep problems off of your desk, so that you never have to worry about them. The majority of our healthcare clients come back to us again and again for design solutions as they grow to meet the changing demands of the healthcare market.